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             In developed countries, bank cards are very popular. Consumers don’t have to lug around wads of cash when they can opt for a slim piece of plastic that replaces a heavy purse or wallet. Just as on the High Street, Internet users also enjoy the advantages of flashing the plastic. It’s increasingly convenient to use credit and debit cards for online shopping, making hotel reservations, renting cars, and buying airline tickets and need items online.


The list of online banking services often covers all the services available at brick-and-mortar locations.It’s handy to be able to use these services without even leaving the house, to manage your accounts, and conduct all manner of transactions and wire transfers, and even open and close deposit accounts or buy or sell foreign currency and ....


            But there is another side, as well. Where once a pickpocket might be eying up a bulging wallet, today’s equivalent is keen to pinch the plastic. Whenever a cardholder makes an online payment or checks an Internet bank account, that risk is lurking in the background. After all, to do these things means entering confidential data on the store or bank’s website: first and last name, address, telephone number, and credit card details. If this information falls into the hands of malicious users, the cardholder could see his account cleaned out. There are also no small number of fraudulent online stores offering a wide selection of goods; but in the best case scenario, you won’t get what you pay for; in the worst case, you’ll lose all the money on your card.

Once you have found an acceptable online store and selected the item you want to purchase, you will need to process and pay for your order. In order to prevent malicious users from intercepting your confidential user data entered on the online store’s website, the data must be sent in encrypted form.


          There is a special cryptographic secure SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol designed to encrypt data flows exchanged between the client and the server. The need for secure SSL connections led to the development of the HTTPS protocol, which is an encrypted HTTP protocol that supports encryption. It is designed to ensure protection against attacks launched from tracking network connections. HTTPS is used by the majority of legitimate websites to protect user-entered confidential data when it is transferred to the server.

The first thing that you should look for before entering your private data is the letter ‘S’ in the Internet address, i.e., “HTTPS“. A server address with a secure connection should look like this: https://www.maxspeed.ae.


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           However, the mere presence of the ‘S’ in HTTPS in the URL is not enough to be fully confident in a website’s security. Each website that uses the SSL protocol should have a digital certificate issued with a signature from a certification authority, i.e., an electronic document that identifies the owner. This certificate guarantees that:

1) the website has been verified by a certification authority;
2) the connection is secured by a cryptographic algorithm;
3) the company that registered the website actually exists;
4) the website belongs to the organization to which the certificate was issued.

We try all our best to give you the best and secure services which help you feel the safety all the time.

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